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Winter Clothing

If you are wondering what to pack when visiting us in winter, then scroll down for clothing recommendations. The temperature can drop to -30°C or more and we want you to be warm when you are outside, enjoying all the activities that we and the rest of Lapland have to offer. The key is to wear many layers which trap air, so that you are well insulated. But remember to only pack necessary things and travel light because the cabins are small, so big suitcases will get in the way! To save a considerable sum on outer garments and to make packing easier, you can rent insulated winter boots and all-in-one padded overalls from us for 10€/day :)

Scan_20231115 (1)_edited_edited.png
Scan_20231115 (3)_edited_edited.png
Protective layer 1_edited_edited_edited.
Scan_20231115 (2)_edited_edited_edited.p
Scan_20231115 (4)_edited_edited.png
Protective layer 2_edited_edited_edited.
winter overalls and boots_edited_edited_

Here's a guest wearing one of our

all-in-one padded winter overalls on top of base and insulating layers:


In extreme cold weather, a parka or duffel coat can be worn on top of the overall.

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