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After a short summer, and once the daytime temperatures have cooled enough, we start to train our dogs in preparation for winter. We do this every weekday throughout autumn, taking out teams with our quad bikes. Then, once we have enough snow, we transfer to sleds, and continue to train throughout winter. We organise teams so that they are balanced for speed and stamina, and stagger the training so that all the dogs follow a weekly excercise routine. The distances they run are scheduled and each dog has a personal running reccord.


We have over 20 kms of routes weaving through our own forest, which are groomed throughout winter and checked and cleared during summer. When we set off training with the dogs we use a range of route combinations, constantly changing them so that there is plenty of variety. This keeps the dogs mentally alert and happy to run. It also tests their leadership skills, and they eagerly listen to see where the next command will take them. 

Once the winter tourism season begins, the dogs will run the routes according to their ability, with younger dogs covering longer daily distances and older ones going at a slower, steady pace on shorter distances. The yearlings start their training by running with older dogs, learning from them, and then start to "work" with guests around the age of two.


We continue to run winter tours for as long as there is a demand for them and so long as it's safe to go. When the tours finish, we still drive teams while the snow conditions remain suitable, usually well into April and sometimes even until mid-May.

Then it's time for the dogs to have their summer holiday! They are still kept stimulated with free running, morning and evening walks and overnight hikes. We take guests along on these "power" walks too! We also go to the occasional dog show so that we can be guided by the judges critiques, which are especially helpful with our breeding plans.

Almost all of the puppies born in the kennel stay living here, but every now and then, a couple of the puppies will swop with puppies from other kennels, to bring variety into our bloodlines and keep our gene pool healthy. For the latest updates and puppy info, please go to the kennel's facebook pages. 

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