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  • How many dogs do you have?
    We have 88 dogs! 83 Siberian Huskies, 4 Finnish Lapphunds and 1 White Swedish Elk Hound.
  • Can you do a husky sledding tour in all weather?
    First, there needs to be enough snow! At least 10 cm of packed down snow is needed so that the brakes will work. Also, the temperature needs to be below +10C. However, the temperature limit for our programmes is around -25°C. In colder temperatures, the principal guide will decide if it is safe to start the programme, especially in the case of participating children. Wind chill generated from velocity (the speed of the moving sled) needs to be considered: e.g. -25°C with 25 km/h velocity wind chill is equivalent to approx -40°C, and at these temperatures exposed flesh can freeze within two minutes. Wearing the right clothing is very important, eg. hats, scarves/buffs, mittens, with gloves inside the mittens, thick woolly socks and winter boots big enough to fit your feet with the woolly socks on! Balaclavas and ski-goggles are a good idea too, especially for children. This activity is not suitable for children under two years. When temperatures drop below -30°C, the cold also affects the health of the dogs because they would inhale too much frozen air while running and thus damage their lungs.
  • Can I pet the dogs?
    Yes, of course you can! After your safari there is plenty of time to pet and stroke the dogs that have been running. We always thank the dogs for taking us on a ride of a lifetime!
  • What should I bring?
    You should dress in layers of warm winter clothing, including thick woolly socks, gloves, mittens, hats and scarves/buffs. The winter overall we supply can be put on over all of your own clothes. We have winter boots too, big enough to fit woolly socks in them!
  • Can my children take part?
    Children under 15 years will ride in the sled with or without a parent or other adult, depending on their size. Children aged from 15 years may be able to drive a team by themselves, at the discretion of the guide. The tours are not suitable for children under 2 years.
  • Are the cabins heated? Do they have hot water?
    The cabins have electric radiators, and under-floor heating in the bathrooms. There is a small boiler to heat the water.
  • How old are the cabins?
    The cabins were built in the early 80's and have been refurbished and upgraded over the years.
  • How many cabins are there?
    There are six red log cabins with bunkbeds for four people, three grey log cabins with double beds for two people and one larger log cabin with beds for eight people.
  • Are sheets and towels included?
    The cabins have duvets and pillows, but not sheets and towels. A set of sheets (undersheet, duvet cover and pillow case) can be rented from us for 10€/set, or you can bring your own. A set of towels (bath towel and hand towel) can also be rented for 5€/set.
  • Is the campsite open in winter?
    No, just summer camping here :)
  • How big is the campsite?
    The campsite is small, with just 12 places with electric hook-up, and room for about eight more caravans/mobile homes. There's also room for about 12 tents.
  • What facilities are there?
    Kitchenette, indoor dining area, grill hut, showers, wcs, washing machine and dryer, sauna, children's playground, rowing boats, canoes and kayaks, beach and swimming area, fishing allowed.


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