Arctic Lapland at Korvala

Arctic reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, log cabins complete with skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment, and Lapland’s wilderness with its forest paths, lakes and fishing are all available at Korvala, 60 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, Finland.

Korvala’s crown forest estate was established in 1889 alongside the path joining the village of Rovaniemi and the small community of Sodankylä. When the road was completed up to the ice-free Arctic Ocean, inn activity began. Today, work at Korvala’s inn is enjoyed by the fourth generation of the founding family.

Beautiful scenery, nature’s proximity, varied activities and long traditions are essential elements of a holiday at Korvala.


Jaana and Seppo Näsi, and family.

Log Cabins
Log cabins at Korvala offer cosy accommodation and these lakeside cottages, situated at the southern edge of the fell region north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, are open throughout summer and winter including the Christmas holidays.
A small campsite is open in the summer along the lake shore. The campsite has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years and provides all the typical campsite services.

Log Cabins

Accommodation has been provided for travellers arriving at Korvala for over one hundred years. Nowadays, we have a variety of self-catering log cabins available, each with different facilities ranging from the basic to the more fully equipped. All have electric heating and hot & cold running water. Our tap water is pure spring water to the highest drinking water standards. The cabins look out over the lake and have been hand-made by Seppo in the early eighties, who first selected the trees and then shaped the logs before setting to work on the building process. The cabins were upgraded in 1994 and again in 2006.

Skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment are free to use in winter. Fishing in our lake and use of our boats, canoes, grill hut, playground, swimming areas and beach ball court in summer are included in the price of accommodation. Payment can be made on arrival - we accept all major credit cards and euros.

Hire of a set of sheets (under sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase) costs 10€/person/use and towel costs 15€/person/use. 

Hire of the lakeside sauna can be arranged when you are here and costs 15€ for two people, 20€ for a family or 7.50€ per person in a group up to eight, for 1 hour. During winter there is a swimming area cut out of the ice on the lake in front of the sauna.

Grey Log Cabins
We have 3 grey log cabins, consisting of a bedroom with a queensize double bed, with duvets and pillows; kitchenette with fridge & cooker, microwave oven, coffee percolator, cooking utensils and tableware; and a washroom with shower and wc. Price: 95€/cabin/night/2 persons.

Red Log Cabins
We have 6 red log cabins, consisting of a small alcove bedroom with bunk beds for up to four persons with duvets and pillows; a washroom with shower and wc; and a living room with TV, fireplace, sofabed and kitchenette including fridge, cooker, coffee percolator, microwave oven, cooking utensils and tableware. Sleeps up to five.
Price: 105€/cabin/night/2 persons, 10€/additional person. 

Large Log Cabin
We have one larger log cabin, as above, but with a separate bedrooom for three persons with two beds: a double bed with single bunk above; and a main living room with four beds as bunks and one sofabed. The cabin has a big fireplace, a washroom and a kitchenette as above. Sleeps up to eight. Price: 125€/cabin/night/2 persons, 10€/additional person.