Arctic Lapland at Korvala

Arctic reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, log cabins complete with skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment, and Lapland’s wilderness with its forest paths, lakes and fishing are all available at Korvala, 60 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, Finland.

Korvala’s crown forest estate was established in 1889 alongside the path joining the village of Rovaniemi and the small community of Sodankylä. When the road was completed up to the ice-free Arctic Ocean, inn activity began. Today, work at Korvala’s inn is enjoyed by the fourth generation of the founding family.

Beautiful scenery, nature’s proximity, varied activities and long traditions are essential elements of a holiday at Korvala.


Jaana and Seppo Näsi, and family.

Log Cabins
Log cabins at Korvala offer cosy accommodation and these lakeside cottages, situated at the southern edge of the fell region north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, are open throughout summer and winter including the Christmas holidays.
A small campsite is open in the summer along the lake shore. The campsite has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years and provides all the typical campsite services.

How to get here and other info

Korvala is situated in the centre of Lapland, 60km north of Rovaniemi and 70km south of Sodankylä in the village of Tiainen. The Arctic Circle and Santa's Village are on the way to Rovaniemi, 52 km south of us, and the ski resorts of Luosto and Pyhä are on the way to Sodankylä, 56km and 80km northeast of us. The nearest supermarkets, health services and shopping malls are in Rovaniemi. 

Payments by individuals for accommodation, activities and restaurant services are to be made on the spot once here. We take cash in euros and credit cards. Groups can be invoiced. Please go to the Contact page to check availability.

Getting here:

1) By Air or Train to Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi Airport is situated north of the City of Rovaniemi and is serviced by regular domestic flights operated mainly by NorwegianFinnair and Blue 1.
For information on other international routes and competitive prices, etc. check out flights to Helsinki and Tampere - there are good train connections from both places to Rovaniemi, including an overnight express.

Rovaniemi Railway Station is near the centre of town. For more information go to VR 

From Rovaniemi, there are several ways to travel the final distance to Korvala along the road E75. 

Bus: Buses leave the city centre via the railway station and airport on a regular basis. For more info go to Travel Services and search for routes from Rovaniemi railway station, bus station or airport to Tiainen. When finally on the bus, ask for Korvala. We are in the village of Tiainen. The bus stop for northbound buses is opposite our place, and for southbound buses a few metres south of our place.

Taxi: There are taxis operating out of both places also. The Airport Taxi company gives competetive rates, with prices starting at around 120€. Separate negotiations are made for bigger groups.

2) By Car

The journey from Rovaniemi takes approximately 45 minutes, and from Sodankylä approximately 50 minutes. The address for GPS is approx. 66°53’54"N and 26°12’00"E

Car Hire: there are several companies operating out of Rovaniemi’s airport and railway station and it is possible to pick up the keys in both places. For more info go to AvisBudjetScandia RentToyota RentHertzTransvell and Europcar

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