Arctic Lapland at Korvala

Arctic reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, log cabins complete with skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment, and Lapland’s wilderness with its forest paths, lakes and fishing are all available at Korvala, 60 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, Finland.

Korvala’s crown forest estate was established in 1889 alongside the path joining the village of Rovaniemi and the small community of Sodankylä. When the road was completed up to the ice-free Arctic Ocean, inn activity began. Today, work at Korvala’s inn is enjoyed by the fourth generation of the founding family.

Beautiful scenery, nature’s proximity, varied activities and long traditions are essential elements of a holiday at Korvala.


Jaana and Seppo Näsi, and family.

Log Cabins
Log cabins at Korvala offer cosy accommodation and these lakeside cottages, situated at the southern edge of the fell region north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, are open throughout summer and winter including the Christmas holidays.
A small campsite is open in the summer along the lake shore. The campsite has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years and provides all the typical campsite services.

Our story

Korvala is owned by the decendents of the oldest family in this region. It was Seppo's forefathers who were the first to settle in this area of wilderness in 1733. They were pioneers who had made their way up-river from a trading post that had been established at the confluence of two rivers, which later became the town of Rovaniemi. In 1839 a road inland from the coastal town of Kemi, situated on the coastal road that made it's way around the Gulf of Bothnia, was completed up to Rovaniemi. As a result, trading in furs and salmon boomed. Encouraged by this, the building of another road, known as the Arctic Ocean Passage, was started in 1848. It made its way northwards from Rovaniemi to a small village called Sodankylä, following one of the rivers that cut through the wilderness, and then onwards until it reached the Arctic Ocean in the 1920's. Korvala's homestead was established in 1889 near the new road and with it, an inn known as Korvalan Kestikievari was built to accommodate travellers. The name Korvala means "A place by the river where you can hear the water flow". In those days, inns were located at approximately 10km intervals and travellers walked, skied or were taxied in horse drawn sleighs and carts, driven by the owners of each inn along the way. Korvalan Kestikievari is the only guesthouse in the region to have stayed in operation since those days, so has been welcoming guests for well over one hundred years, offering them food and a place to sleep on their travels. 

Nowadays, the accommodation is in small, self-catering log cabins. There are also many outdoor activities and tours available for travellers to fill their days in both summer and winter: for example, fishing and canoeing in summer and cross-country skiing, snowshoe hiking and ice-fishing in winter. For more adventures join the snowmobile and husky-sledding tours (there are more details on our other pages). Winter overalls and boots can also be rented.

Korvalan Kestikievari has always been a family run business. The third generation, Seppo and his wife Jaana, live on site and can be contacted for help with any enquiries. Their children still go to school, but help out during the holidays and on weekends. Seppo has built all the cabins himself, and does all the maintenance work. He also runs the snowmobile tours in winter. Jaana looks after the husky kennel and the training, and runs the sledding tours in winter. As a family, they enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings in their free time: fishing, kayaking and swimming during the summer, hunting and picking berries and mushrooms during the autumn, and doing snow sports such as mushing and skiing during winter and spring.

Korvala is ideally located half way between the now capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, to the south, and the National Park and ski resorts of Pyhä and Luosto to the north. Rovaniemi offers many opportunities for shopping and dining, as well as the famous Arktikum Science Centre and Provincial Museum, the Arctic Circle and Santa's Village, and much more. Pyhä and Luosto offer striking scenery and well-kept hiking and ski trails. There are hiking and ski trails around Korvala too, providing many opportunities to explore and enjoy the endless wilderness all year round. 

Easy to access but far from the crowds, Korvala is at the same time both reachable and remote.