Arctic Lapland at Korvala

Arctic reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, log cabins complete with skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment, and Lapland’s wilderness with its forest paths, lakes and fishing are all available at Korvala, 60 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, Finland.

Korvala’s crown forest estate was established in 1889 alongside the path joining the village of Rovaniemi and the small community of Sodankylä. When the road was completed up to the ice-free Arctic Ocean, inn activity began. Today, work at Korvala’s inn is enjoyed by the fourth generation of the founding family.

Beautiful scenery, nature’s proximity, varied activities and long traditions are essential elements of a holiday at Korvala.


Jaana and Seppo Näsi, and family.

Log Cabins
Log cabins at Korvala offer cosy accommodation and these lakeside cottages, situated at the southern edge of the fell region north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, are open throughout summer and winter including the Christmas holidays.
A small campsite is open in the summer along the lake shore. The campsite has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years and provides all the typical campsite services.

Northern Lights / Aurora and Free Activities

Viewing the northern lights

Northern lights, or aurora borealis, can be seen as soon as it starts getting dark from autumn until spring, and as long as the sky is clear and there is auroral activity. They can be viewed easily from directly in front of the cabins or out on the lake, since we are located in the middle of the wilderness, by a large open space and far from city light pollution. The aurora come and go depending on how active the sun is, and there are many apps with aurora forecasts. 

During the early evening the aurora forms arcs of tall rays from horizon to horizon, then around midnight the arcs begin to twist and sway like curtains of cloth in the wind, sometimes expanding to fill the whole sky, while moving fast and shining very brightly. In the early morning the aurora take on a more cloud-like appearance, then slowly fade away before sunrise.

At Korvala, all we need in order to see the lights is a Kp index of 2 (on a scale of 0-9). The Kp (Kennziffer planetary) index is a scale of geomagnetic (aurora) activity, not a place on a map. However, the higher the index number, the brighter the lights are, and the furthur south they can be seen. Go to the space weather prediction centre at or the German research centre for geosciences at for the latest forecast. Our Lat Long is 66.9, 26.2.

Skis, snowshoes, etc.

Cross country skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment are included in the price of accomodation in winter. Cross country ski tracks are made according to requirements and maintained as necessary.

Boats, canoes, etc.

In summer, fishing licences for our lake and use of our boats, canoes, the grill hut, playground, swimming areas and beach ball court are all also included in the price of accommodation. Bicycles are available for rent.