Arctic Lapland at Korvala

Arctic reindeer, husky and snowmobile safaris, log cabins complete with skis, snowshoes and ice fishing equipment, and Lapland’s wilderness with its forest paths, lakes and fishing are all available at Korvala, 60 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, Finland.

Korvala’s crown forest estate was established in 1889 alongside the path joining the village of Rovaniemi and the small community of Sodankylä. When the road was completed up to the ice-free Arctic Ocean, inn activity began. Today, work at Korvala’s inn is enjoyed by the fourth generation of the founding family.

Beautiful scenery, nature’s proximity, varied activities and long traditions are essential elements of a holiday at Korvala.


Jaana and Seppo Näsi, and family.

Log Cabins
Log cabins at Korvala offer cosy accommodation and these lakeside cottages, situated at the southern edge of the fell region north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle, are open throughout summer and winter including the Christmas holidays.
A small campsite is open in the summer along the lake shore. The campsite has been a popular holiday destination for over 50 years and provides all the typical campsite services.

Our restaurant in our traditional log house

Our fully licensed restaurant is located in the main log house, which is over 150 years old. We provide meals for groups only, including weddings, conference groups, passing bus groups and for large groups visiting us and staying in our cabins. 

Our breakfast buffet table has a selection of cereals, yogurts, bread, jams, cheeses, ham, turkey and pickled herring, as well as eggs, tomatoes, cucumber, juice, coffee, tea, cream, milk, honey, fruit, etc. Porridge is provided if required.
Price: 10€/person

Lunch varies from day to day, offering traditional Finnish ‘casserole’ type soups, which typically include potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables as well as meat or fish, often with cream and herbs or berries for seasoning, and using raw ingredients supplied by locals as often as possible. In addition there are soft drinks and rye bread, all followed by a dessert with tea and coffee. Served between 12:00 and 13:30.
Price: 15€/person

Dinner starts with a soup or generous salad, followed by a typical dish offering hearty helpings of meat or fish, with vegetables prepared in various ways, accompanied by sauces or jams, again using raw ingredients supplied by locals as often as possible. Fruit pies, wild berry sponges and berry soups are among the treats served for dessert.
Price: 30€/person

Our restaurant is open for pre-booked groups only. Reservations must be made in advance. Minimum group size: 12 for dinner/breakfast. Children under 12 years -50%. The restaurant is otherwise closed unless pre-booked. Please remember that the cabins have their own small kitchen for self-catering.